Why Silver?

Because we offer:

  • International Student Visa Research: You can discover and apply for a student visa for any country around the world in virtually every field including Engineering, Medical, IT, Management, HM, and many more. We assist applicants to make the best use of our expertise so that they can select the most preferable courses in their desired universities.
  • Web-Based Seminar: We provide opportunities to the applicants, in which, they can participate in web seminars with different consultants all over the globe. You can learn about the scholarships and other workshops through videos using the web. 
  • Virtual Educations: Events: We are acquainted with the major renowned universities all over the world. We offer a showcase of the universities online, displaying the information using presentations, and live conferences across the globe. 
  • Test Preparations Service: Our team comprises talented and enthusiastic instructors, who have adept in their field. We provide classes for the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT-I, and SAT-II test preparations from one of the best tutors in town. We have a huge collection of study materials for different test preparations, encouraging students to study and take full advantage of available resources.